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Our expertise lie in the Industrial and Technology design space

The Unbind Studios design team helps you build your brand and its products from the ground up. We design and develop the brief through market research and thorough ideation in the 2D and 3D space leading to the creation of manufacturing and digital assets that will form the essence of your business.


Brand and Packaging Design

Conceptualizing your brand vision and the products that come within.

UI Design

Building intuitive and friendly interfaces for complex systems to unify humans and machines.

Product Design

Applying three phases : Analysis, Creativity and Development to build the best possible products for your brand.

UX Design

Bringing well thought out processes to increase productivity.

Product Visualization

Generating detailed environment and materials to best showcase your products or brand to the world.

System Architecture

Building and deploying systems on IOS/Android and the web.

Heat Pump Working 5:29

Watch a detailed animation of the Zanskar Home Solutions Mono Water heater and its working showcasing the innovation and technology.

Hypro Engineers HyCrC Carbon Recovery Machine Teaser 0:12


Hot Spring Tankless Heaters 6:45

An explanation of how the Zanskar Home Solutions Tankless series of heaters work.

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