Industrial Design

Product Design, Transportation Design, Digital Design and Graphic Design

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UI | UX Design

Web Design, Application Design and Development

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Software Development and

QR Based Security Platforms

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We are an Industrial Design firm, a team of design experts, engineers and software architects that work with global brands.

Product Design

Evaluating User Scenarios to design and build products both in-house and for clients over a vast range of Industries.

Industrial Design

Achieving the best quality machine design with the help of engineers to build complex functioning machines.

Brand + Packaging Design

Applying 3D tools to help enhance the packaging design process. Have a virtual look at your products well before the manufacturing process comes into account.


Unbind Labs is the technology wing at Unbind Studios. We design and develop Web Applications, iOS and Android applications.


Unbind Labs combines design and technical development to create applications that are unique in their User Interface and Experience.


Unbind Labs designs and develops Apps for various industry uses. Fields covering Education, Hospitality, Manufacturing and Data Gathering + Monitoring.

We design products and technology! Connect with us if you have an idea you want realised!

Email: consultancy@unbindstudios.com

Location: Pune | Maharashtra | INDIA


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