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Build your Vision with

Unbind Studios

Our Process


Conduct comprehensive market research to analyse the relevant domain and identify which design direction to embark on.



Use the analysis to brainstorm and ideate multiple concepts and avenues that showcase all the possibilities.



Select one or more concepts from the ideation phase to develop. We build physical and/or digital prototypes to bring your product to life.


The Unbind Leadership

Unbind Studios operates across a wide range of domains, understanding that innovation knows no boundaries. From product design to digital experiences, software architecture to industrial solutions, the studio thrives on exploring uncharted territories and pushing the envelope of what is possible. By bridging the gap between imagination and execution, Unbind Studios helps bring ideas to life, empowering businesses and individuals to realize their full potential.

Partner, Industrial Design

Karan Savant

Partner, Design Strategy

Malhar Shete

Partner with Unbind